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Wow! We're LIVE! More to come after a bit of rest...

Thank you for being among the earliest visitors to the DIYPlanetWalk Experience! That's what we're shooting for it be eventually – shortly, we hope – an Experience.

#DIYPlanetWalk is conceived and being nurtured as a Small Is Good World "Entrepreneurial Community Ecosystem" delivered to you via the "portals" of the to-be DIYPlanetWalk free Open Source app and this associated website.

#DIYPlanetWalk is a "theme park in an app" spawned by an "elastic network" of the creative leaders from a Kindred Spirit group of Pacesetter Round winning projects in the Ashoka/LEGO #Play2Learn Re-imagine Learning Challenge.

It's quite a story, really. And we'll have fun revealing it and more as we evolve our #Play2Learn network of Changemakers doing amazing, inventive, and, above all, playful things to help re-imagine learning.

But for the moment, Timlynn and I are taking a breather for the weekend. Okay, we may stick a couple glaring ommissions in -- especially shout-outs to our AMAZING tech partners, www.Mapillary.com and www.Structr.org, who are going to help us roll your and your friends sox up and down, as they say.

Oh, and also please note that there are still many rough/unfinished edges to the site as-is. We're in the process of morphing a 'starting point' website template to our desire... a task which can sometimes prove remarkably delicate. You know what I mean if you've been doing it lately. 'Responsive' designs are wonderful but give new meaning to the analogies of a web designer's job being one of "spinning plates" and "herding cats."

More as it unfolds... :D

Happy-Healthy Vibes from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA,
--Jim and Timlynn--

Welcome Chichetekelo Floyd and PlanetChiChe

We are very pleased to welcome Floyd Mayfield and the Chichetekelo School of Arts and Science to our collaborative group of Pacesetter Partners and others working together on our "bundled crowdfunding" self-help experiment as part of our participation in the Ashoka/LEGO #Play2Learn Challenge.

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