About #DIYPlanetWalk

DIYPlanetWalk will be a free, Open Source multi-platform game app that lets you set a distance you want to walk, and then experience aural or multimedia, planet-by-planet notifications as you traverse the Solar System and other Wonders of the Universe.

DIYPlanetWalk is free and can be used any time, any place.

Based on proportionately-calculated GPS location, it's Dr. Who meets Dr. How Far on a #DIYPlanetWalk.

Use it solo to add a creative new experience to your daily exercise routine.

Citizen Science meets Personalized Performance Art as you select from the growing collection of educational, artistic, and just plain fun multimedia #PlanetWalkStop experiences contributed by professional scientists, creative artists, and you – our community members.


#DIYPlanetWalk's sun will shine brightest when used to host creative social events. Our Mapillary-based OpenStreetMap app will have Group Event features to help you layout, promote, and game-ify your group's #DIYPlanetWalk event.

What Are We Doing?

First up... We're looking for a few good "boots on the ground" #Play2Learn Pacesetters partners.

How about Some Fun Facts about our the Solar System?

Millions of Miles to Earth from Sun
Number of Earths that Fit Inside Jupiter
Year Pluto Lost its Planet Status
Millions of Miles to Neptune from Sun

DIYPlanetWalk is so AWESOME, I wish I had thought of it first! Get on over to Kickstarter and help FUND THIS APP and these wonderful #Play2Learn Partner programs!

-- Neil deGrasse Tyson -- might say this when he learns about our project... :D

Our #Play2Learn Team

We're Ashoka/LEGO #Play2Learn Challenge Pacesetters' Round collaborators having some serious fun together helping you get out for some fresh air exercise while marveling at the Wonders of the Universe.*

* BTW, we're also trying to creatively crowd-fund our individual #Play2Learn projects while we continue to compete in the Re-imagine Learning #Play2Learn Challenge.

Who are we anyway?

Meet Your FactMiners' Hosts and Our #Play2Learn Partners

Tech Lead

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FactMiners Jim

Project Manager

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FactMiners Timlynn

Pacesetter Partner

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Chichetekelo Floyd

Pacesetter Partner

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Devio Arts Lily

Want to be a #Play2Learn Partner?

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Up to 4 #Play2Learn Partners

When we are not doing the #DIYPlanetWalk, here are our individual projects entered in the Ashoka/LEGO #Play2Learn Challenge...

Each #Play2Learn Partner in our #DIYPlanetWalk Kickstarter Collaborative is an entrant in the Ashoka/LEGO Re-imagine Learning Challenge. We've each been named as Pacesetters in the second round of the competition. Click the logos above to visit our #Play2Learn project pages on www.Changemakers.com.

How Our Kickstarter Will Work

Our goal is two-fold:

  1. To get the #DIYPlanetWalk app made and its associated community launched, and
  2. To raise much-needed funding for our individual #Play2Learn projects.

By creating this app as an Open Source project and using creative reputation-enhancing student competitions and piece-wise freelance developer contracts on existing Open Source developers marketplaces, we will reduce the cost of the game app and server-side web service development. This will assure that as much funding as possible will go to the individual #Play2Learn projects.

Although we will reality-check the plan as it comes together, here is our initial thinking about how we'll distribute our Kickstarter-raised funds:

Are you a #Play2Learn Pacesetter who would like to join our first cohort of partners?

Get in touch

Historic "Testimonials"

  • Oh, man, I hear music when I think about our heavenly bodies and their mysterious relationships. Sign me up to do a musically themed #DIYPlanetWalk!

    Pythagoras -- would likely say if he were alive today
  • Hey, you kids! You're lucky we didn't have patents back in my day or I'd OWN the solar system by now!

    Copernicus -- might have said had he been a Patent Troll rather than a Great Scientist
  • Hey, I saw this stuff first! Seriously. And I did it with THIS!!! No, the other end. Put your eye up to the other end. So, hey? There's got to be a LOT of points here, right?

    Galileo -- might say if was trying to maximize his Mozilla Maker Badge count

A Taste of Things to Come

Currently this site reflects our being in Kindred Spirit Finding Mode. Once we have our #Play2Learn Pacesetters Team together, we'll be evolving our activity and this site's content into Puttin' On a Show! Mode in support of our Kickstarter campaign.

Ultimately, this site will be the domain providing both the app's back-end web service along with the public web face of the #DIYPlanetWalk app and its community.

In the meantime, here is a taste of what's ahead...

Next stop Kickstarter!

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#DIYPlanetWalk is a FactMiners #Play2Learn Game in cooperation with Mapillary and Structr, our Open Data and Open Source partners.

Contact Us

We're happy to hear creative ideas and welcome collaborative inquiries from anyone. But we especially want to hear from you if you are a #Play2Learn Pacesetter who would like to join our project. Just drop us a note and point us to your #Play2Learn project. Tell us briefly why you and your project would be enthusiastic partners ready to kick it as we head to Kickstarter. We look forward to hearing from you.

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